Special Resources

Technique Guides
     Technique Bundle #1: La’a Kea; Pikopiko; Sea Crystals; Deep Programming; Linear Healing; Divination with cards (PDFs)

     Technique Bundle #2: The Art of Scrying; How To Make Amulets and Talismans; Urban Shaman Stones; How to Make a Labyrinth; 16 Eyes of Fa; Healing Shapes (PDFs)

     Technique Bundle #3: How To Make Energy Devices; How To Make A Simple Radionics Device; How To Make And Use A Pendulum; Tetrahedron Energy; Mana Physics Newsletters (PDFs)

Huna Poster Sets
Huna Poster Set #1: Seven printable posters (PDFs)

      Huna Poster Set #2: Seven beautiful posters by Rohan Skellams (PDFs)

      Huna Poster Set #3: Seven posters of Huna Principles (PDFs)

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