by Serge Kahili King



ODE TO A TOAD: a collection of poems.

YOVO-YOVO: Adventures in Africa 1964-1971 (Kindle, PDF)

 how to master the art of dreaming (paperback, Kindle).

URBAN SHAMAN: a guide to Hawaiian-style shamanic practice in the modern world (paperback, Kindle).

GLIMPSES OF HAWAIIAN CULTURE: unusual facts and exciting legends (Kindle).

CHANGING REALITY: learn how to change the experience, nature,
and very structure of reality (paperback, Kindle)

ENDLESS ENERGY: a book of essays covering seven different topics related to Huna (Kindle, PDF).

HUNA - ANCIENT HAWAIIAN SECRETS FOR MODERN LIVING: guidelines for personal success at every level (trade paperback, Kindle).

IMAGINEERING FOR HEALTH: how to heal your body with your mind (trade paperback, PDF, audiobook, Kindle).

HAPPY ME, HAPPY YOU: the Huna way to healthy relationships (trade paperback, Kindle).

HEALING FOR THE MILLIONS: detailed explanations and numerous case studies for one of the most amazing healing techniques ever discovered (trade paperback, PDF).

INSTANT HEALING: how to heal most conditions for most people in an hour or less, and every other condition faster than usual (hardback, audiobook, Kindle).

MASTERING YOUR HIDDEN SELF: how to work with your subconscious instead of against it (trade paperback, Kindle).

KAHUNA HEALING: the philosophy and practices of Huna masters (trade paperback, Kindle).

EARTH ENERGIES: ideas and experiments with subtle energy (trade paperback).

THE GAME OF CHALLENGE: role-playing games for developing imagination (PDF)


THE LEGEND RIDERS: a sword and sorcery fantasy based on the games Serge directed when he was the neighborhood Dungeon Master
(PDF, Kindle)

EMPIRE'S END: a tale of Atlantis unlike any other, where the fate of the entire world is dependent on one man's love and compassion. (PDF, Kindle)

MONGOLIAN MYSTERY: the sequel novel to "Dangerous Journeys" that takes Keoki McCoy from the top of Mauna Loa to the borders of Russia (trade paperback, Kindle, PDF).

DANGEROUS JOURNEYS: a novel of contemporary Hawaiian shamanism in action. Not for the faint of heart (trade paperback, Kindle, PDF).

THE OKORA MASK: Serge's first published novel, of deadly adventure and supernatural happenings in West Africa. Rated "Mature." (PDF, Kindle)


H© Serge King 2011